1D Arcade!


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Hello, here is my new app developed in Stencyl!
It contains in ap purchases and is available for both Android and iOS.
It's a game in only one dimension, 1D  8)

Catch good green waves as fast as you can, and avoid nasty red waves before they pass the centerline.

Also, prepare for other surprises that are waiting ahead. Play the fun pong like mini game in 1D to earn bonus. Have fun and challenge your friends to see who's the master of 1D Arcade.

Insert coin

Extra life


Game over

Google Play:


MrDumle from this forum have also been working on this game, thanks for your help!

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Okay, 1D, but still cool. I like the intro comments as well. The 98 seconds to play might seem a little long, but if thats what you want I understand.  Are you supposed to hit the moving energy waves with the moveable paddle in the middle or grab the actual energy waves? Well, Well Done. :D


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First, thanks so much for your comment, I really like to get feedback like this!  :)  :)

I like to find the perfect balance, between getting the user just a little annoyed by waiting and still  feel it's ok to wait for a free play. I guess I should lower the waiting time some, because I have already got a negative comment about it in the US appstore. I really don't want people to run away and uninstall the app in anger, but I still like to have the chance to also sell some of those "start the game fast coins".  :-\

I now plan to add a third button in the arcade like "free training", so a newbee fast can train for free but without seing points and just under a limited time like say two minutes...?  :-\

This is how you play 1D Arcade: 8)

The "scrolling text" is your friend, it helps you along with hints and keeps you company.

You are supposed to hit the green waves before they pass the centerline, and avoid to touch the red or pink waves before they pass the centerline. (Pink Waves turns around and attack you again) There is also one kind of red "depth bombs" (they come from 2D space and enters 1D space) that you can touch but you should not stand on that side when it explodes, because then you die... :o

The "Rainbow goodie" is good (it also comes from 2D space and enters 1D space), catch it (by hit it with the paddle) and it gives you the ability to shoot by double click. (The depth bomb is for example effective to shoot)

A fun 1D pong game comes up after a moment as a bonusmode, and you are supposed to keep the white balls bouncing and at the same time avoid read waves. (The red Waves in the bonus mode does not kill you but ends the bonus/pong mode)

A golden/yellow shiny goodie thing is good and gives you an extra Life. (catch it by hit it with the paddle) Also a green fast moving goodie thing is good and gives you the Power to sweep up missed green waves. (Catch it by hit it with the paddle)

You can (Even if rarely) win free coins, if you get good points.

Thanks for your time! :)


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No worries. Bro. anytime. ;) It sounds really Complex. but I like it. So are the coins paid with bit coins or is it an in app purchase? Just curious. Maybe make it like 15 to 20 seconds wait till.  but its your game if you want it to be five minutes, I will wait, But I think other people wanna play faster than that. But Cool concept again. Thanks. :D


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I'm just using ordinary in app purchases here.

Yes I start to realize it's complex, I guess you forget about that when you work on it... :P
Giving a simple descripiton is hard, I too optimistically thought that the "scrolling text" should be enough. 

OK so 15-20 seconds, thanks I shall consider it!

Play it some more and I think you'll find it even more fun! :) It's getting faster and faster as well. 8)


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Ok, will do. :)

I just realized that you can pick up the coins and put them into the machine. You don't have to wait. Pretty Cool. I thought they were just Background design. you can even move the lever. Cool. :D I got more points once I understood how to play. The coins 20 for .99 is pretty good price. That multi colored pixel showed up but I didn't know how to grab it. The purple wave blew me away. But I'm getting better. Thanks. :)

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Cool Electramorhipism, I just saw your latest message! That multi colored pixel is moving in 2D space and have to enter/touch the 1D field, then you can take it. You'll love to shoot with it by double taping, so keep it up and catch it!

The Android version has now shorter waiting time, only 35 seconds.
Totaly free and totaly cool!  8)
( iOS coming later )

If you reinstall or clear the user data you'll Always get those 3 coins back for free. :P
(It reduces your chanses to win free coins though...)

Oh, have you tried to change the size of the 1D field by dragging the black borders? I Think it's pretty cool as well 8)


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Noo, havent tried resizing, but will soon. thanks again. :)


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After some trouble for me as a PC-guy to get this up on iOS, I have finally bought a mac and set everything up to keep working on this...

The iOS version now also got much shorter waiting time, so that you can play for free without having your head explode while waiting. You can always play with the free 1D coins and puch the reject button if you're bored  ;)

In next version I plan to create a free learn and training mode.
( I totaly had overlooked the importance of that. )

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no worries, sounds good. I had to do the same thing. The process for uploading to the app store can you make me a short checklist to streamline uploads in the future I would be willing to cross promote your apps if you can help. Thanks. I have another question can i take an just an .apk and upload it or what more do I need. thanks.  :D


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There exist no easy answers to those questions, there are several steps that all have to be 100% correct to have it working. Best thing is to follow these guides, and ask questions on the forum if you run into trouble:

iOS guide: www.stencyl.com/help/view/ios-certificates-guide
Android guide: www.stencyl.com/help/view/google-play/

Apk files are for Android and for iOS you build ipa files instead, both are the final file that you upload on each platform.

Good luck!