tiles look fine in scene editor...but weird in game


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When I'm creating a level in my scene editor, the tiles look just fine. But when I preview the game they look weird...

They are 16x16, whereas the other tiles (that are actually working like they're supposed to) are 32x32. I know you're not supposed to mix tile sizes, but Stencyl seemed like it was automatically resizing my 16x16 tiles in the editor. So why doesn't it do that when it runs the game too?

Attaching pictures - the first one is in the editor, the second one in the game.


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If you tile size in the scene is set to 32x32 than all you tiles will have to be 32x32,

Even if the 16x16 look ok in the editor.


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Yes, the editor will resize the tiles for whatever reason, but the game engine cannot.

You could, of course, upscale the tiles so that they are also 32x32 (or shrink the 32x32 to 16x16) and use that as a new version of the tileset.
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