Opinions on My Character

nice :) how do you do the animations? it looks really smooth.

Thanks!  I work in vectors.  So each body part is it's own vector I can individually move, adjust color and light.

Nice art dude!


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thx :)

i thought i is vector. but in which programm do you do the animation and export the individual frames?

I use Illustrator to create the art for each frame.  I literally move the vectors piece by piece and save a file for every frame I create.

And then depending on the animation I either export each frame from Illustrator to a .png file (plug them right into Stencyl one by one).  Or for more complex animations I copy and paste each frame into Photoshop.  Photoshop has an awesome animation creator that works really good.  This really helps for animations that having altering sizes.  (A character doing a overhead swing).

I never really worked with or even like vectors until I started creating games.  Using vectors have saved me so much time, resizing, changing color, altering animations and characters.


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ah ok. i use the photoshop animation timeline for more complex animations. i use vectors for other stuff, maybe i try it for games. but i love the pixel look more