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i made an account on cpm star site under the developer tab, you can see on the main page there are 3 , advertiser, publisher and developer.

but then they tell me this:

"You Are Almost Done Applying For Your CPMStar Account!
You're about to join the biggest network of the most exciting games and compelling advertisements on the web.
Whichever type of relationship you begin with we can help you maximize your revenue and satisfy your customers.
Please choose one of the following relationships:

Get paid top dollar to show advertisements for relevant, exciting content on your websites.
Profitably bring users to your product or service by advertising on the top games and game websites."

i need to chose publisher because  those are the only options, then when i chose publisher it sends me to the message that is on my first post (about partner application,etc)


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Hmm, maybe there's something that the publisher has to do to link your account.  I suggest searching the internet for more info because I can't help you with that.


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just to clarify i remember something else , they actually sent this to me :


Thank you for your interest in CPMStar. To move forward with the application process, can we get you to place the attached pixel on your site?

<img alt='' width='1' height='1' src='//server.cpmstar.com/action.aspx?advertiserid=11&gif=1' />"

and i told them why do i need that code if want to put ads on my games that were going to be in flash gaming sites not on my site, then they told me that  "unfortunately, they do not offer sponsorship anymore"

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