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Warzone Gamez

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Wait!? Does not being on the list mean I don't have any chance of winning or getting honorable mention??? :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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Warzone Gamez

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You are on the list:
Wow! Thankyou so much. Just, wow! It looks so cool having my game up there! Even if I don't win or get honorable mention... Just, it's so awesome being up there!!! Thankyou so much Stencyl!!! And George!

Sorry about the prior post... That was a noob mistake on my behalf... Should have payed more attention to the big, underlined, bold-faced words :P .

Thankyou Stencyl for hosting this jam! I've had alot of fun making this game!
Making Dubstep is my passion.  Following
Christ is my greater passion.

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Here's my thumbnail for Lumber John.
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here is my updated preview for Catventures

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My thumbnail for Escalate.


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Here's mine. Two things, could you rename my entry to Endless Dungeon and our name to Tinytouchtales instead of Tiny Touch Tales?

Thanks Jon!


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I uploaded my game Water Drop yesterday. I do not seen a game logo though, on the play games link. If you need, I have attached the logo for my game on this post.
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can you update my logo with this.

Can you update the link to

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Ok, I'm terrible with thumbnails.. but how's this? xD

(I so need to learn how to make better thumbnails..)


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Super Slider: Seasons Checking in...


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Listing has been updated. If your game is missing, please reply as soon as possible. Thanks!


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