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I will have 4 days off from work.
So now I will be able to focus on finishing some details of my game. Specially graphical ones.

I am trying to do some "soon to come" feature on my demo. To show more then just three scenes (one stage).
I will try to show that the game will contain more than 1 style of gameplay (Stealth adventure and also Action stages).

But one thing that is really on my target now is marketing it.
I will create a website, banner (EDIT: DONE!), video preview and of course the demo itself.

Do any of you guys have ever done marketing over facebook (paid ads)?
I am willing to give a try on it in the near future. Tips are welcome.

For now, an in-game dialog screen between two characters that I came up in my game. It has been changed a little bit - lowered it for instance - but the main idea is there:

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Hi Gfalcaor,

Thank you for putting in the work for this Diary. Did not read everything but, it is cool to just scan your efforts.

Keep up the good work!

Best regards from
Hanging out in the Chat:

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Thanks mdotedot!
I will for sure do my best to keep up with this dev.

I was testing my game and I did realize that it was kind of confusing to understand where was the limt to be detected by the enemy - stealth game.
I did include an alert on the top of the screen. But even so I felt that something was still missing.

So I did remember Commandos - Behind Enemy Lines - which is the main inspiration for my stealth scenes - and something came up.
An actor named "Detection Bean".

It will follow the enemy and will show the player where he can walk and where to avoid.

Something similar to this:


(see the robot on the right corner of this screen).

The bean actor is already done. Did it yesterday.
And the follow actor behavior also was done. Changing direction according to the actor that it follows.

I am finishing some details - mostly graphic / cosmetical adjustments and soon I will post in here a screenshot of it.

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This weekend I have done the following:

- I did end the animation for the second spy - the blond one.
   And added it into stencyl. Actually it became better than the first spy - which I plan to enhance.

- Almost ended the intro animation for the game - 7 comics drawings (4 strips).
   There are still some details missing.

- Added the comics intro engine into the game. Its not that trivial to manage timing to show the comics in a correct way.

- Draw some new animations for the Prison guard. There will be some funny moments I hope.

- Did create a "How to Play" screen. Based on NeoGeo games.
Similar to this one:

Still to do:
    Minor bug fixes.
    Scene enhancements.
    Develop the dialogs to match the story.
    Draw a few "coming soon" sketches to include when ending the demo.
    Add more music and sound.
    Web Page - Facebook - Twitter.
    End the Menu navigation.

I am planning on having some action scenes also, as I did state before.
I think I will include:
   - kind of endless runner scene.  Actually not endless, as there will be an end.  :P
   - kind of horizontal shooter. But not with ships, space or planes.
     I plan to include a car chase.
     Aston Martin to homage spy movies.

But that will not be on the demo itself, maybe the drawing / sketch of it.
I have a really short timeline in here, as I really do hope to include this game demo on Stencyl Jam 2014.

P.S.: I will include some pictures of the things I done soon. I am at work and I dont have them right now.

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A quick update:

The drawing of the second spy on idle position.

I will change his hair on the banner / flash screens / dialog and menu.
I really do like the way it is now better than was before.

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Just playing with photoshop and some drawings.
I have a few animations for my characters. One of them is about stealth and hide.

Thats the main core of the game. Stealth and hide.

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Hello guys,

A quick update.

The enemy's detection beam in action and the main character hiding on the same animated gif:

And two images... a how to play and a pause menu ingame.


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Awesome! Looking forward to seeing this in action.
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Awesome! Looking forward to seeing this in action.

Thanks mate.
I really do hope to finish the demo on time for StencylJam 2014.

Afterwards I will also create an "about" screen on my game.
On that screen I will include the contacts (facebook, twitter and so on) and also a thank you note for you guys.
You, rob and a few others did help me a lot with great tips (scale, transparency...).

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I am facing a problem in here that intrigues me.

I did create all images using the 2x scale option.
For instance:
My main character has 90 pixels on the image and 45 pixels on the game.

But when I do choose 2x for the game to be shown (on game properties) it loses all resolution.
Dont know if its a Stencyl 2.2 issue or whatever it is.

And I cant find the 1.5x resolution option neither.

Anyone can give me a hint????

Here it is an image to demonstrate the losing of quality when using 2x:

And also you can check the original image for the actor (90 pixels high):

Theres a huge difference from the original image and the ingame image.
You may also compare the 2x rescaled image with the 1x image I did post yesterday. Same scene, same menu, same character.

Any clues??

P.S.: I did create the game as a web game previously. Then I had to create a new one to have the mobile and web option.
So I import some actors for this actual one. Should that be the root cause?
Maybe some imported actor that was without the 2x scale is now causing that?


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Almost there guys!!!
I will probably release the first demo at MAR-21 (one week to go!!!).

Yesterday I did found something really useful regarding graphics.
A color palette to be used when coloring your art:


I will use that to upgrade my art.
For instance... if you look into my banner / signature you will see that the spies are color "flat".
I will user that color palette to enhance their hair and clothes.

Will do that next week, because this weekend I will focus on fixing every bug I have noted in here and also to finish the demo engine.

That makes me think:
I really need to create a Color Swatches Combination for my game. Make the colors standard for future scenes / characters.


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Cool find. If you apply that tweak to all your images it will be a huge visual improvement :)
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Cool find. If you apply that tweak to all your images it will be a huge visual improvement :)

Thats the idea!
I have to do a really huge effort on the images - as its my greatest "weak spot".
I really, really, really need to hire an artist to help me out.
But I want to release the demo first, to check on feedbacks and confirm if I am on the right track.
First game ever made. A lot of insecurities haunts me. Hope to be just insecurities!

I do hope to improve a lot with that palette.

Also I am looking for Skin Tone Color Swatches.
Found this:
and also this one which I found is great:

Color Swatches - New term for me.

Thanks mate!

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This weekend I did a lot of bug fixes. And still there are a lot to go.
I was not able to enhance the artwork / graphics with that color swatches that I did find.
But now the game is a lot more playable and the menu is almost done with its navigation.

I will try to include some sound effects in my game.
Not the regular sound we are used (plain / flat sound).
I will try to use the sound as an aspect of the game, if possible.

Let me try to exemplify (as english is not my native language):
The guard / enemy will have steps sounds. Not too high.
But, as you get closer to him, his steps will be louder.
And obviously it will get lower when you step back away from him.

Hope to implement all stated above in the game in time for Stencyl Jam 2014...
But if not, I will still launch my demo on the Jam, as its fully playable. =)

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Your almost there Gfalcaor! Im still plugging away at mine- Changed it 4 times now after tweaking things.  Feels like I will never be satisfied with the game!!