[iOS & Android] WebViews (in-app browser) [OBSOLETE]


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Hey how can i enable java? I want to open a youtube video in the popup, but it requires java


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Webviews for iOS and Android (in-app browser)
Feel free to post your suggestions!
The popup version is nice, But it would be GREAT if the old version with Blocks:
 - Create webview with url: [ ] width: [ ] height: [ ] at (x: [ ] y: [ ]).
 - Hide webview.
would work on Stencyl 332 b87. That is a kick ass Web Views. User friendly friendly sux, I want variables...
I wish I new why it is that the newer build of stencyl leave great extension to die. I also wish I knew how to rig the older Webviews to function on all future builds...