Imroving game memory allocation.


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So far I made a big progress in improving the game how it allocates RAM. When you finish all the levels and visit all galery pics the memory allocated is about 150MB which is acceptable. But I want to improve. The thing is the gallery images I have are embedded inside the swf and they are about 200 kb in disk space. So they add up several mb in the exported swf size. Ok the swf size is not much of and issue. I have seen games 30MB loading in browser.

I can separate gallery images from the game but it looks really nice with them inside the same file. All images are 72 pixels per inch, to improve filesize.

Can you think of other ways to improve memory allocation?

I have 18 levels. How do you handle memory allocation with let just say you have many different actors with different animations and you have 36 levels or 45...

I have seen games like "Knightmare tower" on kongregate. It has many enemies with many different animations and still you can play without a crash troughout the game.