Easier workflow to edit collision boxes for actors, needs copy/paste options


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I think its very time consuming now, its most important factor of game mechanics and it should not take so long, its not possible to edit box by dragging its points, you have to create polygon but i cant copy settings of one animation collisions to another which is quite bad, you basically have to do every collision on every animation all over again.You should be able to copy collision settings from idle right to idle left and just flip it automatically, or copy from idle to walk because they should be very similar.


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Although I'm not sure I'd label collision boxes as the most important facet of a game, the collision box editing interface could definitely use some work. Even just a way to cycle through them would be a huge help. Right now, to modify two shapes with the same parameters, I typically modify one so I can see the other, modify the second one, and then change the first one back.
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BEst way is to edit collision boxes before copying animation and flippiong it but still it would be nice if after flipping animation it would flip collision boxes automatically because its only logical to do that.
Make it easier to create left views of animations or even better make it possible so only right view is used and engine flips it automatically if autoflip behaviour is added or something.
When i copy frame and paste it then its delay is not copied which is wrong.It should be copied, its collision too.
I would also prefere to set my own origin point cause its different on many frames, that creates some weird warp up/down effects
after some testing i figured its best to use one gif file with all animations in it properly alligned and import it as your frames, then create collision and just clone first animation to create other ones.
I also messed up some default kits and games a bit by experimenting, it would be nice to not be able to do that to default files, now i have to reinstall again.

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