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Is it possible to make a game somewhat easily like 'Blade Rush'? and maybe including elements where the range circle for attacking decreases with time and increases with enemies killed? If so, it would be very nice and helpful if someone could help me with what things I would need to do with the code, and what they would reccomend I do also.

The game I am making will include elements of Armed With Wings and Blade Rush.

Blade Rush:
Armed with Wings 1 & 2 & 3:

Thank you very much for any advice, as this is my first game, not counting the crash course ones I made :P

If you would like me to elaborate as to what I mean, please just ask.

Update: Added some of the frames for the main character/actor

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You could somehow make an invisible actor which could be your sensor.

This actor will be anchored to your main character.

With time the size of the invisible actor decreases including the collision box.

You can then try to tell your actor, that only enemies which are colliding with the invisible actor can be attacked or take damage.

Otherwise I think it would be better to discuss the technical questions inside the "Ask a Question" thread.