Ruby Adventure


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Hi this is my 2 weeks game made withSTENCYL Every month i make a 2 weeks game for quick training and learn more about stencyl and more fast.

Use Ruby in this platform puzzle game with awesome environment bring them back all diamonds and save the Rubys world in this platform game

Inmerse yourself in this fantastic adventure and beat all the puzzles in your way

Controls: Arrows - x - z

I hope you like it and this is the link in newgrounds


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Wooow... graphics r awesome & what a sound. good game also. in one word it's awesome.
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The game looks outstanding !!
How did you manage to get the liquid effect in the background ? are there like some 30 frames in the background image ?


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Hi thanks for the feedback the background are animated a think 10 - 15 fps


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Pretty cool game, and really smooth graphics!

Only thing I noticed, the red laser beams didn't cause any damage  :P


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Really nicely done and polished with the graphics/sound/music.. The text is a little soar on the eyes after awhile but everything else is really great