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as the title says it all, can i save my game (level where i am) exit the flash game(hit the x button at the top right of the flash window) and reload it after i reopen the game?

or i need some kind of a text file to make this working?  ::)

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try doing some research on game attributes. those attributes are the ones that are being saved.

also check this topic >>,28201.0.html

everytime you finish a level set MaxLevel to MaxLevel +1
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This is how I did a Save/Load in my game.

First create a game attribute.

I then created the event for when the game is to be "saved", which is after every level.

Then I made the event to "load" the game when the main menu shows.

Then to load the saved game, I created an event on my Continue Button.


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boooyaaaahh! got this one working. ^^
thanks stencylers..
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