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Space Pirate (June 2017 demo available)


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Here is how the rough progress looks like.
  • blue boxes are levels
  • the player will get control over the ship (and ther for use the star map only after level 3 or later)
  • saving will happen after every major dialogue or goal achieved because i want to avoid having palyers going through it again
  • There will be different levels in between when you enter the star map if you choose to play them


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Hôla Space Pirateros!

I did a lot of finetuning, testing, bug hunting, AI improvements and level finetuning in the last weeks.
I also moved houses which leaves me in a bit of an exhausted state and i am looking forward to have some bbq's (fighting the cold german weather) and digital offtime during the x-mas time.

I am currently waiting anyways for the narrative script (which is a bit late unfortunately) for the last levels which i will work on once i have that. The next steps will be finishing the content and planning a release afterwards. I still have to decide where and how to do it. Also which price (if any) i will ask for. I would spend some dollars as a customer on this game (if i ask myself being a customer) but rather in the range of <=$5 and not so much<=$10. Let me know if you have an opinion. Playtime will be a couple of hours will little replay value because of the story (there are some hidden levels in the star map though). I plan for different endings but this does not branch in the beginning.

Afterwards i will either use the "engine" for another game, maybe coorporate with someone who is interested, expand on it or make it "open source". I still have to see how much value is in it but i could see a new game with new features and a different look.

My main achievement was to learn, see how far i can push myself (and Stencyl) and see if it turns into a product others find interesting. I think so btw ;)

So stay tuned you lovely Stencyl community,


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I am definitely interested in playing your game and seeing how it goes on in the future! I don't have an expert opinion, but I feel something around $5 might be a good price. I am your customer either way you decide  :) Also, when the game is this neat, there is a replay value even in going on trough the same story once more.