GoldSpace (Working title: Space Pirate)


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Thanks :)
You helped me mentally with feedback in this post which can be so important.
Keep lurking...there might be another devlog appearing from me ;)


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I can relate to Natrium's post and I am really moved you mentioned me  :D :D :D And I was happy to read all the other names of Stencyl giants and remarkable people that make this forum the best one I ever knew.
I also moved on... mostly because I don't have much free time any more due to family, work etc. My gamedev hobby is now reduced mostly to learning a bit programming by watching YouTube tutorials. I still follow many indie devs on Twitter and I check out this forum occasionally. I am always intrigued is there another cool Stencyl game being built and to see what is up with Goldspace. I am happy you kept at it persistently and reached the final stage! Thanks for this beautiful devlog. Please have a nice rest, gather a lot of energy for the launch and enjoy the roller coaster ride.


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" 545th stable build of the game i released after 6 years"

Congratulations !!!

I've played the latest beta on windows and enjoyed it (maybe I enjoyed it more using the cheatcode :D )
The hacking terminals are a treat as always. The enemies are well spread. I personally don't like to follow dialogue but at least the first hijacking didn't require knowledge provided by the npcs.

The amount of work you have put in really shines. Tiny little things I saw you made over the years made me smile.
You really had the perseverance to continue to work on this project and I applaud you for it!

I've followed along with your devlog and it is inspring!
Thank you for all your effort in keeping this devlog up to date. It was a treat to follow your progress and decisions.

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