Flappy Piggy [Free]


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Hi Guys,

I would like to announce the release of my new FREE Android game called "Flappy Piggy" made with Stencyl.

Flappy piggy is a nice and funny Endless Level Game. Try to fly with your flying pig through the narrow tubes to get as far as possible. The game has a funny plasticine graphics and online high scores. The game is easy to learn but hard to master.

Game Features:
- Simple controls: touch and tap the screen to flap the wings
- Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to master
- Online and Offline Highscore
- Medals!
- Funny plasticine Graphics

youtube video


I would be glad to hear some opinions on the game!

Get it for FREE at the android market



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This reminds me of something... haaaaah

Nice job, really cool graphics.  Any plans to port to iOS?  I don't have android..


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yes i will it release on ios soon at possible .. i have many chances today .. switch the graphic to a higher resolution and added paralax scrolling. :) it looks nice i think.


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how you created the option of online high score?


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Google accepted you put "flappy" in the name?


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how did you make the high score'


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highscore system


and online highscore

i use a phpscript written by a friend of mine .. he will post here the script and the documentation

also information found here



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Hi everyone.

Tom asked me to post the highscore-script for everyone.

What you need:
- Webserver with PHP and MySQL installed.
- Some basic knowledge on how to use the webserver.

What you get:
- Post a user score to the database and get the current place of this score.
- Ask the database for the top N scores.

What you need to consider:
The script is by no means secure. Please use it via a https connection if possible. Even then, somebody with access to the apps source might be able to spoof scores.

What you need to do:
Download the attachment and edit the db_connect.php
- Change the $highscorename to a value of your choosing. The Value needs to be unique (e.g. if you want multiple score for multiple apps use "highscore1", "highscore2", and so on).
- Change the $key to a reasonable complex value. Best to use a password generator.
- Enter your databases access details into the $sql_xxx values. You should get these from your server-provider
- save and close
- upload everything to your webserver (e.g. via FTP)
- [The crossdomain.xml is only needed if you are planning on releasing a flash version of your app. Delete it otherwise]
- Call the install.php in your webbrowser (e.g. www.mydomain.com/placewhereiputthethings/install.php)
- you should see a message telling you everything is fine. If not, probably your PHP or MySQL version is out of date.
- delete the install.php from you server.
- Have fun with your highscore. You should now be able to use it like Tom described above.

Detailed usage:
call highscore.php to get the top 10 scores in the format:
and so on.
you can override the "10" by providing the variable count. E.g.: highscore.php?count=20

call submit.php to enter a new score. The following variables must be set:
key: your choosen key
name: name of the scorer
score: actual score
E.g.: submit.php?key=ABCD1234&name=Terminator&score=9001
You will get the current placement as return:

I have no webserver  :-[ ! What should I do?
If interest is there, we could provide a server for the community. The server would need to be paid of course...


The Rauschgift

P.S.: Suggestions and error reports always welcome, but will be considered on a random schedule  ;D


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the phpscrip works fine (at least in the browser) example here : http://erluissjl.netne.net/highscore.php

i use  000webhost for host the scrip

on my game dont work because I have not created right blocks

I will try to recreate the image again to see if it works well, I edit the post and commenting if it works

thank you!

EDIT: on android work good BUT i have  1 problem with the higscore scene, only draw 1 name and score with "2" at finish (i know is for the "2" from the 2ยบ highscore i try to fix this

EDIT 2:  the scrip and code to stencyl work good! my fault, i write "using separator /n" but is  "\n" :D

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Hey turritom, can you help me with the pig physics? do you only set the gravity of the scene and use the block "push the actor sharply in -1 Y direction with force, on mouse click" or there are more details? I only used these but the bird flap in a horrible way..lol , when I click the mouse twice in a row, the bird doubles the push at the 2nd click..whats missing?


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What kind of attribute is "onlineplatz" ?


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Simple and sweet, but where is english subtitles in description?