Need some art!


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Hello there.
I'm making a 2D Platform/Scroller RPG. The only things that I am missing are some basic characters.
I would love if someone could make me a Mage (classic mage robe and maybe a staff) and a Warrior (with a sword and some armor). I need jump, walk, idle and attack animations.
If you also could make me some enemies, could be anything from Slimes to zombies, whatever you'd like, as long as it fits the same art style as the mage and warrior.

Thanks in advanced!


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What style of art work do you need?


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You need to be more detailed when you make a request, the largest thing you have missed out is the resolution. There's no point for someone to make a highly detailed image just to have you need pixel graphics. You should also specify things like animation, like if you need it or what should be animated e.g a moving cloak. Try to be a bit more detailed and maybe others will pick up on it more.


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