How do you put actors behind others?


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I have two actors on screen lets say a man and a bird. The man is the main character and bigger. The birds spawn later and just fly across the screen as eyecandy. However when the birds pass paths with the man the birds can be seen in front of the man. I want it to be behind and kind of vanish behind the man. Anyone have any ideas how to do this?

I checked in actor settings and properties but found nothing noting foreground or background.


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The simplest solution would be to create a new layer in the scene editor and create or move your Man on the top layer to remain in front of everything.
Don´t go crazy with creating layers thou as you´ll slow things down if you have too many.
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Use the [send [actor] to back] and [bring [actor] to front] to change the z-order.

For more details, have a look at the block reference:
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got it working but you need to make sure you have a second layer generated it seems.