Stencyl game to mobile game

Hey guys, im wondering if i create a game using stencyl, will i be able to turn it into a mobile game straight from stencylworks, or will i need to get the new stencyl made specially for the mobile games?


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iStencyl is just an additional module on top of StencylWorks, so you'll essentially use the same software, switch the project type to mobile and then start working on it like that. You'll still be able to test your game in Flash along the way.


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If you want to port a game for mobile devices - think about the resolution before you start.

For example IPhone resolution is 320x480 :)

Most of the time resizing is a problem so think about it before you start :)


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iPhone 4 is 960 x 640

cool, so is there anything special for me to make add a touch feature?? Or is it automatically touch when i start making the mobile game?


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I think left mouse clicking on the screen is the same as touching, am I right guys? XD


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Right, now we have you use a different touch block which works both in Flash and iOS. We're tweaking things, so that the current blocks will work too.

You should design for 320 x 480. We handle the Retina display stuff automatically, as long as you have the graphics for them.