Virtual Joysticks Extension [3.1]


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I've been using this extension a lot and i love it. I do have one problem, which occurs on two seperate devices. When I add a new relative joystick with the touch region set to screen height and screen width (basically the exact same code you have in the demo), there's an area at the bottom of the screen where I touch, but i can't create a joystick. If i just set the touch region to screen size multiplied by 2, would that fix the problem, and would it use a lot of memory?


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Hey guys,
I'm running Stencyl 3.4.0 Beta 2 on OSX El Capitan 10.11.4 and I can't seem to get this extension working.
My game is built using the jumpandrunkit sample game.

Ive installed the Virtual Joysticks Extension game/extension from within StencylForge, and I can see the folder in the Engine Extensions folder, but I can't see the extension listed when I go into settings > extensions in my game to enable the extension.

I also can't seem to find the ZIP download link attached to this post to try and install it as a zip, and if I just zip up the folder that is made when I install if via StencylForge, nothing seems to happen, maybe I'm missing something, or I'm going slightly crazy!

If I run the Virtual Joysticks Extension as a game in Stencyl, I get the error:

Missing Engine Extension
The engine extension "myjoystick" does not exist.

I am trying to create an HTML game that has a virtual joystick for use on mobile devices.

Any help would be much appreciated!!



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This extension is adopted in stencyl 3.4, so you don't need this exentension, disabled the extension and use the build in blocks.


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Both the extension, and the newly implemented blocks in Stencil 3.4 have an issue with the 5.5" iPhone. It works great on every other size, just doesn't work at all on this size.  Any help?


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What is the exact issue that you have, maybe you can play with the scaling options.