I need help on binding levels together in Run and Jump


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Hey guys!
I'm from Denmark, and a friend and I are doing an assignment in a class called Innovation, where we should make a game. We didn't want to make a classic board game, so we decided to create a computer game, without knowing anything about codes. So we found this site, and i think we have come very far with our, since it's a very VERY simple game.

Basicly you just run through a level, and jump down a pipe as you answer a question (we added text in the bottom with the question, and in the top corners the answers so you jump in the right pipe and dont die

Our problem is though, we can only do 1 level, and after we finish it, we dont go through to the next level. We don't know how to bind them together, and most instruction vidoes on youtube is german. Please respond.

*I've attatched a photo of how our first level looks like, so you can get the idea of how simple it is (our charactor is Micheal porter, who is a famous Innovation guy :D) and we have the sketch for the next level, we just dont know how to bind them.


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If by bind you mean switch to the next scene, then that's the answer. You'd have to create the next level or, if you've already done that, then make an event and tie it to when the actor leaves the first scene or enters the region (or whatever). Once they leave/die/enter on level0, you can switch to level1. If I was at home, I'd point to the proper code block to use, but it's probably under Scene or Game.


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Just as punkineo pointed out, switch to scene sounds like what you need. In the block palette/selection area, go to scene > game flow and you should be able to find the blocks you're looking for, namely "switch to [scene] and [crossfade] for [1] seconds". Keep in mind you'll need some condition to tell Stencyl when to change scenes, such as when a collision occurs.