Make a replacement for the infamous "joystick" image


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Let's make something new. Keep the size between 32x32 and 64x64 please.

I leave you to decide what form is appropriate. It doesn't need to be another joystick.


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Maybe use Stencyl logo with cog formed to look like "play" button?

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It should convey the idea of a game. I can't think of anything else than a joystick though.
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It should convey the idea of a game. I can't think of anything else than a joystick though.
Any kind of game controller would work, I'd imagine.

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Well if this is for the generic game image, why not go for something minimalistic, like just a gray cog or game controller on the normal dark gray Stencyl background? I think this would make un-imaged games more neutral-looking and might even encourage more people to upload their own images more often. Let me make a mockup...

*Edit* Attached what I meant.

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Masked, I like the game controller. The joystick is too "retro". I don't use if for any games, pc, home console, or portable. The Stencyl icon is okay, but it doesn't really say "Play me!".


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Those were just to display what I meant by using a neutral icon. I recognize those are all fairly boring. They're also not pixel art. Yes yes.

But with you saying that, how do you think it would be to use a single gray color and do like a bunch of images from across several different genres, like a spaceship, a platform dude, maybe some classic RPG imagery, etc., all packed into one compact, dramatic icon? The theme being that the icon-less game has the potential to become any number of things.