Special Delivery! A delivery game in spaacccceeeeee


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***  http://www.stencyl.com/game/play/24803  ***

This is a project I sat on for a very long time as I was learning Stencyl.  I finally wrapped up this small game a few days ago.  There are definitely some things I would do differently now, but it was a great learning experience that really set me up to work on some more in-depth games that will be appearing later in 2014.

You are the newest recruit for the Outer Orbit Postal Service (O.O.P.S.).  They make deliveries across the galaxy, and they do take care to protect packages, but...accidents will happen!  Thankfully, you always have your laser cannon if things get too clustered, and you may just find some duct tape floating around that you can use to patch up any broken pieces of your delivery.  The client will never know.

Asteroids, BIG ASTEROIDS, drifting astronaut hitchhikers, and dive-bombing pterodactyls, OH MY  :o

Have a great weekend, Stencylers!


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Not a huge issue, but you can shoot the mute button, and bullets stick to it.