Tiles not showing, but are there?


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I'm having a problem-I'm making a game, but the tiles aren't showing. On the edit mode they are, but in the game they're invisible. They're there, though-My actor collides with them. I don't know why, though. And when I changed them from size 16 to 32, it had my tiles invisible, and next to them (Where I put nothing) had some tiles (That were showing, not colliding) that I didn't even put, but were tiles in the tileset. Any help on how to fix this?


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What size is the tileset in your scene set for? The two (scene tile size and tileset tile size) need to match for you to use them together.

Stencyl doesn't restrict what you can put in because one scene might have a different tileset size than another, but you have to be sure to use the right ones.
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