Need Help with Beta testing.


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Need some testers.
Here is the game link:
Its a sponsor-friendly upgrade to Pete The Petard, if you guys remember it.

I need help with finding typos, gameplay / technical bugs and game difficulty check. I haven't uploaded a walkthrough yet, i want to know if there are levels which are too difficult to complete.

Thanks in advance for you help!


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I like the concept, and the artwork. It gets a little repetitive for my tastes pretty quickly, but I still think you did a good job. I played through to level seven or eight. I noticed the introduction of the trampoline, so I'm guessing more new stuff was probably coming, which might have helped with the feeling of repetitiveness,

I did notice that I can move boxes that I don't think I'm supposed to be able to move. For example, one level six, there are boxes with their right-hand sides wedged up against buildings, and you can't get next to them to push anywhere. However, if you jump on top of the box, then move to the left edge, the box slides under your feet. So, you can walk a few steps left, the box slides under you to keep up, and you can repeat that as much as you want. That might lead to shortcuts in levels where you don't intend boxes to be moved.


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Thanks, points taken.
Updated the build, more feedback needed folks :)


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Seems like a pretty cool game. I'm not really a fan of games where you need to get things to the EXACT spot to end the levels, so I got frustrated pretty quickly with level 4, and gave up. I do have some feedback for you though.

The music sounds ok to begin with, but 30 seconds later you realise it's an endless loop of the same 3 sounds, so it gets the mute.
+1 for adding a mute button, but it would be nice to have the option of only muting the music, but leave the sound effects on.

I attached a screenshot of a "bug" I found. The barrel tipped over when it hit your little obstacle, and I was able to push it over to put it outside the useful area.
Standing on the left or right edge of the barrel allowed me to "ride" it in the way Nomosoft mentioned.
Not really gamebreaking, but it doesn't seem to work as intended.


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This is a remix of pete the petard.  If it is not your game you should not remix it.

you just replaced the head images.


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This is a remix of pete the petard.  If it is not your game you should not remix it.

you just replaced the head images.
He is the creator of pete the petard.
Johnny Turbo's Surgery Frenzy


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Fun, simple and good idea. At first I thought I was playing a rip off of Fragger, but I soon realised that, that was not the case. I love the sound effects, the art is nice and plain. I agree with Nmsoft, it does get repetitive. I suggest introducing more interesting mechanics earlier in the game. Perhaps at level 3?