Why are my bullets unable to collide with the enemy?


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Good day to all of you,

I am a beginner with this program, and I was following [Abigayl's Interactive Tutorials] to have a feel of how this program functions. However, I hit a wall when it comes to the collision between the bullets and the enemies.

I double checked the tutorial by Abigayl, and I think that I had not done anything that much differently than the tutorial. (Other than the minor tweaks that I had to do since Abigayls was using the older version of Stencyl)

The attached image shows the problem I am having. The area enclosed within the black circle at the bottom right corner of the image shows the location where the fireballs are spawning, which is supposed to be spawned at where the pink cube is at. That is one of the problem.

The green 'X's were showing you guys the area where I click my mouse.

Then the Blue mist in the middle is showing where the Fireball and the Enemy 'collide'. That is the estimated distance of where the program recognized a 'collision'. However, the pink cube (Hero) had no collision issue with the enemy. Despite my efforts to match the coding for the collision between the hero and the enemy to the bullet, it still refused to work.

I thought that maybe part of the problem is the hitbox? Unfortunately the tutorial does not cover it, and I found no thread that quite match the question I am asking.

Help would be very much appreciated, and I thank you for reading up to this point.


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Are the collision groups between the actors set to collide?

Are any actors set to "Cannot be Pushed" in physics?
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Yes, both groups are set to collide.

I had not done anything related to their physics.


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Check where the collision boxes are. To do this, look for and enable "Run > Enable debug drawing" in the menu bar.
If the collision box of the "bullet" are not where the actor is, it might be a bug because i have experienced this problem before