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guys I'm trying to make a bird fly like the flappy bird, when I hit the space button it pushes the, bird sharply to -1 yDir with force 45 but how can I make the bird rotates gradually and points toward 90 degree  if I didn't hit space button to push it up? how can I do that rotation effect, is my question clear?


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Turn Actor by command comes to mind. - Actor, Position
Also you can add a turning speed option as well in under the motion tab of Actor..

You may also try messing with the Spin command as you can assign time values for the rotation inline..

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hmmm sorry but i'm newbie, can you provide more details?


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To clarify his post, in the actor palette, click on tweening and you can find the spin code. If you click on the "by" within the code, you can change it to "to" so that you can turn the actor to whatever angle you want over the desired seconds.
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