CaveClimber (iOS and Android)


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So, my first game is finally out! :D
Check it out, rate it and tell me what you think :)

Went for the free model, with iAds/AdMob.
I got most of the resources from StencylForge (I've put everyone i downloaded from in the Credits).

What is CaveClimber?

CaveClimber is a really easy game to play, but extremely hard to master.

You are stuck at the bottom of a cave, and the only way out is up. So what do you do? Yes, you start climbing. The only catch is that if you hit anything, you lose.

Can you reach the top?

(i'm also aware of the iPad scaling issue, and have uploaded a update for it to appstore that's waiting for review.) (iOS) (Android)

Edit: Some screenshots :)

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was checkin out your games, why do i not see any advertisements?


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On android the ads are working perfectly. On iOS it's only showing in some regions. Don't know what's the problem ;/