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Hey guys!
My first game on stencyl is out!
Would like you to check it up and see if it works on your device.


Also few questions:
1. Is there a way to implant a quit button ?
2. if I'm holding the mobile upside down the view rotates correctly, but then the controls are inverted. how do i fix it ?
3. Also how can I make  the acceleration of the basket dependent on the angle of rotation instead of a boolean decision in which direction to accelerate.



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I can never get into games like this,  but congrats on your first stencyl game on Android. I downloaded the game it was pretty fun. Games where I have to move my phone side to side, I can't never get into but I did enjoy it.

Some fruit would come down slow and then a fruit would drop faster but hit the ground at the same time as the slow fruit, it's impossible to catch both fruits if they hit the ground the same time.


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