im makeing a simple flappy bird game so how to get bird to fly only on tap

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so i making it but dont know how to make the code make him fly a little bit when you press space bar. please tell me how to


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I used a behaviour that had the following in it:

In Actor > Motion
When click (or spacebar if you prefer)
Push Self Sharply towards x 0 y -1 at 40 force

Play around with that setting

Gray gray, just ask me xD

Here you go:

 Change what you need. And good luck!
I'm 17 years old, here to help and Entertain. {Also to make fun games}
Also, if you need help making a platformer, search {Jumper} in Stencyl Forge. This is a player with everything you need in it, that i made. Enjoy!


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I made my flappy bird game and load fine but if I die on game and it relods then pipes wont show up on scene again