Built by Man

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This is my second game made with Stencyl and was made for the August 2011 Experimental Gameplay Project.

== Mini Post-mortem ==

This is the first time I have attempted to make a game with Stencyl inside any time frame and the game was pretty much made from scratch over the course of a weekend and them polished (menu, etc) for an hour or so this evening. I tried to stay away from Forge behaviours but in the end I did end up using a Move to Point behaviour for the enemy movement.

Over all I was very impressed with Stencyl and how easy it is to use even when compared to my usual tool, Game Maker. The development environment occasionally felt a bit slow for speedy development and the constant 90% memory warnings were a bit of a worry but in the end the positives FAR out weighed the negatives. The speed at which I was able to throw together the graphics and a few behaviours to get a rudimentary game going was particularly impressive.

Hope you enjoy the game!!