Ghost Song (back on Stencyl -- Warning, big GIFs ahead!)


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thanks guys, look for more real real real soon. :D


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This is very impressive and quite encouraging. Thank you for sharing your story, and best of luck! Looking forward to updates.


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Welcome back, all luck for your project :)
It's really beautifull.
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Wow, this looks absolutly amazing! Really inspiring. Looking forward to see more of your work.

Oh, a small technical question: how can you make the noise effect only affect certain layers so that it doesn't blend with the HUD, as seen in your gifs? I just can't make it work in Stencyl 2.2, even with different layers for the actors :(


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thank you! in the gifs in this thread I don't think there's any effect on the HUD elements. In later versions I started using shaders to amplify the look of the game, if using shaders there is a block that decides whether they are applied to the HUD or not (The HUD being anything "anchored", I believe).

I am going to post a new Ghost Song video early next week. Stay tuned!


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Looking forward to the new video :)


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Fantastic work, Pete! You are an inspiration to all of us. Good to know me and my partner aren't the only ones who try to do a bit more with Stencyl, at least on the graphical/production value side. Best of luck with finishing the game!
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thanks guys. :)

New Ghost Song update:

New Video

Steam Greenlight


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Coming along very well ! :)


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greenlight voted!

any change you can show us how you did the layering/effects/lighting? it looks beautiful


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I am very much interested in the techniques used for layering/effects/lighting as well. As an artist, not a programming, your original post rang very true to me about 'sculpting through the mail'. Seeing this game and what Stencyl is capable of have really given me a great deal of hope.


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Thanks for purchasing Ghost Song! And greenlight voted :)


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Matt will reply in full, but the swirly, distortion effect is thanks to programmable full screen shaders, a feature we'll be adding in 3.2. (Other shaders like bloom are used too.)


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For the most part, what I'm doing isn't really any "secret sauce", and I guess it speaks well of Stencyl, but I'm mainly just using the basic concepts of logic building (if, then, attributes) and putting in artwork and designing a game.  I've also probably picked up a few little tricks along the way, often by needing to do something and asking people how. Being goal-driven is the best way to learn Stencyl. What do you want to do? Break it down. What's your next objective? Find out how to do it. Have a *plan*. I'll tell you straight off I'm not particularly bright, I'm just motivated and stubborn have a firm idea of what I want to do. If you have the firm picture of what you want to do, then it's just a matter of connecting the dots. If each dot means asking the forum "how do I do this?" then so be it. There's no shame in that.

Anyway: The look of the game involves actors (I don't generally use tiles for anything other than setting the collision of the levels, for convenience, you don't actually see the tiles in my game) with layers of other actors on top of them. So there's kind of this blue-ish hue to the game that's in part from the original art, but also caused by a blue-tinted, grainy overlay (a big graphic) covering the screen with "multiply" blending mode.

What put it over the top for me were the inclusion of full screen shaders, which let me bump up the contrast, use a bit of bloom, and tweak the saturation. I found contrast and saturation go well together, because upping the contrast made for a more cinematic presentation, but it made some of the colors get a bit out of control, so using the saturation shader to roll things back a bit was nice.

You may have also noticed a slight "everything is moving for some reason!" quality to the game, which, I dunno, people may like or dislike. For me, I just like it, I dunno, it's a "just because" thing. Some feeling that everything is sort of subtly crawling and shifting around, just so, adds kind of this interesting "aliveness" to the game -- at least, to me.  This is done, as Jon said, by way of the wave shader.

In short, if you want to know what the secret sauce is, I guess the closest thing to that description is "full screen shaders". Other than that, I'm not doing anything particularly ingenious.