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Urban Trendsetter
A jetpacking good time in the city!

Link to current WIP of the game: Play on Stencyl Arcade!

The latest blag.
So I wanted to get back around to doing some game development after having finished a few non-game projects recently. I felt like a platformer was something I hadn't fiddled with in a while, but I didn't want to do "standard" platforming. I was reminded of an old DOS game called Alien Carnage (aka Halloween Harry) where the jetpack was a vital tool to getting around. So the idea of a jetpack-based platformer was born.

I don't have a hard design for this or any real plan. In fact, my 6-year-old daughter has been helping me with it as I was working on this today. For example, my original jetpack fuel was auto-replenishing (2 seconds of fuel that refilled automatically in 2 seconds of time maximum) but she asked me to make the player have to find fuel powerups instead - so that's what is in the current demo. She wants to continue to work on this with me so no doubt the final product will be strongly influenced by her. Maybe she'll even be in it as the main character, hah!

I will continue to post things as I get along. Sorry about the programmer art; it's not pretty yet - oh well.

Update: She demanded something that looks more city-like so I created a new tileset for some buildings; and then she built some buildings with me.

To Do List
* Make a game out of this
* Fix movement to be more jetpacky
* Make a game out of this

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I really love the fact that your daughter is helping you with requests.
I will play it later on - iPhone  don't play flash.


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