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I'm having virtual buttons for the arrows [right, left and jump] to use them on android mobile game, they are working fine each of them separately, but when I want to jump right [right arrow + jump], I press on the right virtual button then while pressing it I press on the jump button but it does nothing, [I enable multitouch in mobile settings].. I'm attaching the virtual button behavior, anybody got any Idea how to fix it to make it work?


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Having same issue
Last version (0.1.5) of my now cancelled game:


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I still can not make it, the part of the multi touch in the tutorial is not clear and the demo can not be downloaded and even it's discussion is not available.
any other suggestions guys? how to use multi touch? I need to make my virtual arrow keys work with multi touch to allow the player to move and jump at the same time


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There's a behavior that comes with Stencyl called On Screen Button.


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You should have told me that answer instead of searching for broken links.. thank anyways:) it works now


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So multitouch works ok through simulated key presses/releases, but not through plain 'mouse down on' method for 'all actors on screen' ??


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im just on PC using the jump and run kit but yeah if i use arrows and try to run + jump + hold direction i cant to the left but i can do the right.

however its the opposite if i use arrows on num pad instead.


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So, how to make the button appear on screen on flash test. thanks.


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Guys. Go to my channel (button below) and look for multitouch tutorial to understand multitouch.
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