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A game involving a funny green vegetable, some coins, and a blue cannon.

Big thanks to SpaghettiToastBook, this game would be days away from usability if not for him.

This is my first game, Coin Grabber, which I have been working on for 3 days(since I downloaded stencylworks, which is an amazing program)

Let me know what you think, there are a few bugs which I will fix sometime tomorrow, but nothing major as far as I'm aware.

http://www.stencyl.com/game/play/6858 It may take a very long decent time to load (keyword: very) be patient please.

To-do list:
Fix the delays so that the text shows for longer, fix the text on the Intro screen to read New Game instead of Save Game, find a better way of doing upgrades, remove auto save due to performance and add a button/keyboard shortcut instead, find ways the further optimize the game and reduce it's size(re-creating it from scratch could be the easiest way)

Figure out what is causing the game to stutter, even at 60 FPS, probably by going through all behaviours and moving blocks away from "always". did not find anything

More upgrades, possibly having smaller bloomys which cost half as many points to shoot.

Ranged Power, where the further your mouse is from the cannon, the stronger the shot (hopefully with an HUD to display said power, too)

Clouds, random cloud actors which will move left/right and will allow bloomy's and coins to bounce off them.

More coins, bronze/silver etc.

An enemy, something to get in the way of your bloomy grabbing its coin, possibly a plane of some sort.

Perhaps a basket as an upgrade to catch coins and bloomy's, possibly controlled by the player?

Custom buttons, Create some simple button graphics rather than use the ones from stencylforge.

Custom coin(s), Create some simple coin graphics rather than use the ones from stencylforge.

Changelog from V0 to V1 [28/8/11]:
Size Increased from 92xxK to 97xxK
Added Intro scene, added upgrade scene, added Firing Delay Upgrade.

Changelog from V1 to V2 [29/8/11]:
Unsure, I don't remember publishing this, V3 was suppose to be V2.

Changelog from V2 to V3 [29/8/11]:
Size Increased from 97xxK to 9753K
Fixed intro text saying "Save Game" instead of "New Game"
Changed Auto Save to every 60 seconds, rather than every 10.
Added Shift-key as a save shortcut.
Increased text delay in upgrade screen from 1 second to 2 seconds.

Changelog from V3 to V4 [29/8/11]:
Size Decreased from the massive 9753K to 2046K (yay!)
Removed some unused sounds and behaviours
Fixed bloomy's not being removed after leaving screen.

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