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I am using scale to fit (letterbox) but due to the varying aspect ratios of today's devices certain Android devices have black sidebars much too big to the point it's almost unbearable. Is there a way to force the display of certain actors or backgrounds outside of the typical screen bounds? Many game developers simply use some overflow backgrounds for devices that have abnormal aspect ratios, while maintaining the scale to fit scale and the overall game size. I believe there are some hacky ways to do this in full screen but scaling and fixed cameras seem to be issues and not a path that would be possible for most games.

In example, I take a background image (as an actor) which is beyond the size of the scene and if a device screen is slightly longer horizontally then the players gets to see the rest of the background instead of a black border.

Is there any way to do something like this?

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To clarify I'm using scale to fit (letterbox), not stretch to fit and changing scaling mode would be useless. The majority of games on Android use scale to fit-like scaling to support the vast number of resolutions and aspect ratios and keep the game how it looks on testing. The only alternative is to use full-screen but my question is whether I can do this without changing scaling modes, full-screen would require a lot more work when a simple image replacing the black part would make the game look 10x better.

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How can you replace the black part with a single image when the size of the black part varies so much?  This is what full screen is intended for (or scale to fit fill).


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See http://v-play.net/doc/vplay-different-screen-sizes/#letterbox
The background image would be big enough to fill any reasonable aspect ratio differentiation at each scale (1x, 2x, 4x) and really only be used to compliment looks.

This way you get proper scaling, nothing important cut off, and it will look good with all devices.

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