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A few of you might know me for the game I created a few months ago: FontFlip. I'm back at it creating another game which is a word game.

The game concept is you are shown two words. Then you choose whether they are synonyms, antonyms or if they are unrelated. It's a simple idea that I plan on making fun and captivating. There are a few parts of the game that will make it stand out.

Some features I'm playing with are:
-Different game modes
-After a game is over, you are shown the words you missed and their definitions so you learn what you missed and can improve!
-Smooth animations/custom font

Prototype/Design Phase
I'm currently just working on the programming and mechanics. Things are going well. I am also not worrying about design at the moment; I'm going to set aside a weekend or two down the road just for aesthetics, design and refinement. It's important to say design will be a huge aspect of the app so I will be spending lots of time on that. One of the important things I learned from my previous apps is that spending dedicated time to design is important; mistakes will be made but the finished project should be of high-quality.

Things will go as follows:
1. Mechanics
2. Early testing
3. Feature implementation
4. Game refinement/testing
5. Design/Aesthetics
6. Final changes
7. Postmortem & upload to App Store (and possibly Google Play)

If interest is shown, I'll take the time to post alpha and beta versions for you guys to test and give feedback on.

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It's a simple idea that I plan on making fun and captivating.
That's what I like when it comes to  good game designs.
Good luck!
Sure, my games won't get better with all the new features of Stencyl.
But I do have more fun creating bad ones.

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So I've been designing the game slowly (spending a lot of time on aesthetics). Here's the game over screen as it is right now:


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I'm playing with the name Wordii.

Game development is going well. I've fixed a bunch of bugs this weekend so far and the game is looking good on the iPad and the 4/3.5 inch screens.

I'm in the process of tweaking the UI of the gameplay screen.

Here's a teaser of the menu so far: