grid based movement using list entries as grid coordinates need help!


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i have recently been making an rpg game that uses grid based movement. i created scene behaviour that makes a list with an entry number for each square in the grid which are all labeled 0 (unocupied).when the move controll is pressed  my actor checks if the list entry for the square in front of him is a 0 or a 1(ocupied) and either steps in that direction if its a 0, or turns to face that direction if its a 1. I created an actor type that when created marks its own coordinates as occupied so the actor couldnt go there.  i needed the actor to have a solid square in the space that it was stepping into and when still, one underneath it. i made it replace the list entriy of the space in front of the actor with a 1 in the stepping event aswell as marking the old space with a 0. this all works fine.

when my actor walks up or left it is extremely laggy but not when it walks down or right. why is this?

go to:  to see what i mean.

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I've gone through the code, and while there are definitely some optimization issues that are slowing you down, there is nothing that would cause special lag for up or left. Thus, I tried the game; I didn't get any special lag for left or up in the game when I played it. It could just be a fluke on your computer.
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