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Joints Extension


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The link for the box 2d manual in the OP seems to be broken.
Thanks, I updated the link.


I'm having difficulty as there doesnt seem to be any documentation/examples? Can anybody give me an example of a puley joint or a revolute joint between two actors?

Thank you!
You can find a demo on StencylForge called "Joints Sandbox". Just take a look at the scene events.


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How to do like springs between the wheels and body of car?


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Dropbox intentionally borked html links recently, so your demo link doesn't work anymore. I made an educated guess and found the swf though:


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how can you connect  two actors with a prismatic joint?


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Thanks to Justin, there is a file for this extension. The following link should download the zip file.

If link doesnt work, the zip file is being attached as well to this location.


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Thanks for making this. I've been using it to make ragdoll corpses for enemies in my game.  8)

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