What's your dream game(s)?


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I know I have quite a few game ideas I would like to make someday which are currently beyond the scope of my ability. What about you, stencylers? Care to share?


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I would like to make a game series. Lori and Corey Cole were my favorite game developers in the 90's. I guess my dream isn't really to make any specific game, but rather to have real developers (for example, the Coles) enjoy playing a series that I created.


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A full fledged boxing sim, with 100 boxers in the rankings, ageing over time, boxers retiring and new prospects starting out.  I would want the table to be dynamic as well, boxers winning and losing fights behind the scenes. Basically fifa but with boxing, the graphics don't have to be anything special.

Warzone Gamez

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I've always dreamed of making a open-world survival game similar to Day Z or Rust.
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My biggest dream would be to head up a 3D Zelda game (or several), followed by Smash Bros, and making a good 3D Sonic game, but I have several of my own dream games as well.

The one of mine that I want to make the most is probably Lynx the Gryphon. He has been sort of my mascot character for nearly 15 years, and he and his game have evolved from a Sonic clone into an epic Tetrology of hardcore platformers with a huge twisty plot, tons of characters, and wide variety of gameplay.

The one of mine that is probably the biggest or most challenging game to make is an unnamed side-scrolling MMO with about 10 different, very unique races with all sorts of different powers and abilities, several distinct magic systems which function almost as programming languages so you can create your own spells, multiple major one-time storyline events triggerable by players and changing important things in-game, and a vast world full of thousands of secrets to be explored by players. I very well may end up taking the different concepts for this one and turning them into smaller, more manageable games, but you never know.

Honorary mention goes to the 'Circle system RPG' a not-even-idea-yet that I've had for a couple years. I once saw an image somewhere of two different sized circles overlapping each other, and just got this gut feeling that in that image there was a new way to calculate damage and stuff without reducing everything to simple numbered stats. I still have no idea what it is, but I'm still convinced that it's there, and I hope someday to get the other half of that epiphany and figure it out.
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I've always wanted to make the perfect platformer. The idea for this would be Redboy, and it still is, as I continue to look into new game engines, and things that make platformers great.


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I'd like a cross between minecraft/terraria and civilization, where you build up your own little tribe from the stone age to building incredible future technology


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My dream game would be some sort of strategy game with amazing graphics and aesthetics.