Can't publish to Android, "your game could not be build If nothing shows below..


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When I try to publish to mobile android I get "your game could not be build. If nothing shows below, run the game again.........'
My game runs with no problems at all and I test it on my droid phone as well with no problems.
I'm so frustrated, don't know what to do, can't find anything about it here.
please help

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Ok yeah I had that same style of problem thing. I am 95% sure it is to do with memory on your phone try uninstall apps or freeing up space. then retry also note if you plan to put your game on Google Play then it needs to not exceed 50mb or you need to create a data sheet or somthing sorry I can't remember exactly...
Anyways hope this helps cause I had the same problem and intend to decrease size for my game as when I add new actors I get your message.
Good luck!