Parallax bug with animated backgrounds in Stencyl 3.0/3.1


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Maybe you need to look closer to the animations to see the issue ... Thanks for the hint, dripple!

Hi there,

I've found a bug regarding frame animated layers in combination with parallax scrolling.

This bug report is a summary of this topic I posted some days ago in the 3.x category:,32090.0.html

I would like to make a parallax background with 3 layers.
Each layer is animated (6 or more frames).
The animation of the background is playing fine when the value of "horizontal scroll speed" is "ZERO".
As soon as I enter a value for "horizontal scroll speed", the animation of the layer is NOT playing anymore ... only the first frame of the layer/background is shown.

I tested my parallax scene in both Stencyl versions (2.2/3.0 & 3.1)
The layer in the middle is animated (some TINY details are moving up and down / left and right).
Back- and front-layers are simple PNGs without frame-animations.

The scene is NOT playing the TINY animation in 3.0/3.1 :

I haven't changed anything and it works fine in 2.2:

Therefore I came to the conclusion, that it must be a BUG of Stencyl 3.0/3.1.
(In addition, the tempo seems to be different with the same value (3.0/3.1 is faster).)


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Well, it took me a second to spot the differences and thus to see the bug:
- Have a look into the second layer of Parallax-Test-Stencyl2.swf: there are some smaller animations in the houses (radar screens, elements moving up and down, valves and such. )
- If you look into Parallax-Test-Stencyl3.swf, you see that there's no animation.
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Sorry for bumping up this thread again,I know it's quite old but I'm running into the same problem with my game.What did you do solve the problem?
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