team of 2d and 3d artist, animators for hire :D


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you may now hire us full time as well :)

minimum rates:

3d modelling:  70USD

2d animation:  30USD(every 10 secs)

3d animation for simple presentation  10USD ( per sec)

In game Character animation 3d    20USD per animation

Game Sprites:  3USD per frame

StoryBoard    40USD per page

filming 3d animation: 30USD(per second)

video editing:  60USD

character rigging: 80USD

character rig with face rigging: 130USD

character designing:  30USD

comic:  60USD per page

other graphic design/ photo manipulation:     30USD

Flash Games:    250USD

unity game app development( IOS AND ANDROID)     800USD

stencyl 2d app (IOS and Android) :    500USD

my samples are divided into sections: 

2D Animation:

3D Animation:

video editing:

3D Modelling and 3d interior design render:

Rigging or in game animation 3d:

Green SCreening:

Drawings nad coloring:


Flash Games:

Play List:



Video Editing:


Demo Reel:


payment method:



usually we ask for some downpayments before start working on the project,  them we will send you update, until we finish the project
we will show you the finish work then final payment and we deliver product


Skype:  irvin ryan tiu

celphone number/ tel number:     09239532590/ 232 1801

email address:     

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We barely tolerate people coming here and spamming their art services, but if you keep duplicate posting you will definitely be blocked.


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we are still open for 3d model work :)


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we are open for 3d model work ;)


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we are open for all projects ;)

$30 for 10 seconds! I will never even think of using you. You wasted your time here!


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$30 for 10 seconds!
That's 30$ for 10 seconds of animation ! Considering the amount of work involved I'd say the price is fair.
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greetings we are open for all projects ^^