Looking for a programmer/designer to make a very specific behavior.


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I've been trying to get a specific behavior to work but I still haven't been able to. I've made various posts and have been helped by various users but I still can't seem to crack it.

I'll explain in detail through email or Skype.
The behavior in a nutshell: I have 200 or so actors. I want the game to pick from lets say, 25 of those 200 hundred, randomly. Example: When score >= 25 pick one actor, any actor, from the first 25. If score =< 26  then pick a random actor, any actor, from a different group, list, etc. It's basically a random numbers behavior but I can't get it to work with groups of actors and because of the sheer volume of actors I can't afford to make a thousand blocks of code event because it would be inefficient.
There are some other details I would like to address but this is basically it.

So basically a behavior that picks random actors from different groups at different times in the game. Also it's important to note that I want some actors to appear less often than others, as some are rarer than others.

I'll pay up to $10 per hr, but would prefer to settle on a Flat Rate after the job is discussed. I can pay via Paypal, but I'll suggest a better method for payment for both parties. There's a website called elance.com, it's for this type of job postings. I would prefer that the programmer that accepted the job, create an account through elance so we could work with security from both sides. Creating an account is free and it makes it easy overall fro these kinds of businesses.

Let me know if you're interested and would like more information. We can discuss the cost then.
My contact is: ekmpalace@gmail.com
If you send me an email let me know on the posts below, so I'll go check it out.
Thank you very much.


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This seems like a nice challenge, so if it's still open I'd like to have a go at it :)
Mail sent.
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I actually did a smaller version of what you are asking in Getting Buggy With It http://www.stencyl.com/game/play/25609

The bugs were in a random generator of 1-(level+3) and the random number chooses which bug is then generated and displayed. If SadiQ wants to try this one, that's fine too. :)


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I have psuedo code for it. if you need a theoretical answer message me.