Blackened (working title)


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Blackened (working title)

Work in progress.


After a few months break from my last flash game, I started working on something new a few weeks back now. This is where I will be keeping a journal of sorts, of my progress through creating this game.

This will be my first Desktop game (no flash this time). I decided on a desktop game, based on a few reasons. After initially playing with the design of the game, and throwing a lot at Stencyl, I really liked the increase in performance for Desktop over flash. I increased the screen size to 1280x720, and continued to throw lots at it, while it still performing excellently. I also decided that I didn't want to be spending every spare hour I had like with my flash games, creating some thing over the space of a month or two and then releasing. This time, I will be spending the next year working on this - but lowering how  much time a day I spend on it.

So I had a few ideas for a game, its look and style, and where I wanted to go. I'd created a couple of 'silhouette' type games in the past, such as 'from the dark', and an earlier game called 'Twenty9', and wanted to try such a game again - but this time I wanted to do it differently and on a much larger scale. I also wanted to create a shooter type game.

Anyhow, I came up with a rough idea and story. Part of the game will be in 'silhouete' style, and due to the storyline, this will then become full colour/normal style. I already have the silhouette side on the move, with a few levels already laid out and I've been slowly working on the player, weaponry, effects, and just testing ideas out currently.

Below is a short video of things so far. There maybe things that are placeholders or temporary.

Hopefully I will come in and post new pics and bits and peices every week or two as I go along over the next year.


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Man I REALLY like the look of this, the art style is beautiful. I also like the droning atmospheric sound in the background. the part where you use some sort of power up to create a load of duplicate actors is cool, you should (and probably already are) expand on that.

Look forward to seeing more of this.


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Yeah some things in there are just placeholders or unfinished, the droning sound is what Im looking for, but just a placeholder until I write my own music/sounds. (ill be doing more or less everything in this). The backgrounds are temporary too until I can create something nicer.

Oh, the duplicate actors thing - its one of numerous 'special' weapons that I have been testing out, and I just happened to trigger that one before the video ended. :) The player will be having -at the moment anyhow - 10 different weapons each with 4 upgrade parts. 10 different grenades/throwables, and 5 special weapons. Might change but that's what I have written down in my game detail file.


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Looking very good!  Getting a nice Badlands vide (the art style anyway). :)