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I Had Made A Game Before On Playcrafter (Yes Playcrafter Sucks) Called INFINITE COLOR: The Color Gems, And It Was My Most Popular Game! Since It Got Deleted With Playcrafter Shutting Down, I Feel That I Have To Bring It Back So I'm Making It With Stencyl!

Everyone Thought That The World Would End In 2012, People Said Computers Would Fail, Planes Would Fall Out Of The Sky, Everyone Would Die, But This Isn't What Will Happen, Or Will Ever, Something Worse Would Happen, Far Worse

Deep In The Earth, The Color Gems Rose From There 1000 Year Slumber, And Shot Through The Earth, Behind The Color Gems, A Force Was Growing In The Shape Of A Cloud, The Colorless! When The Gems Breached The Earths Crust, The Colorless Came Flowing Out, The Colorless Covered The World, And When It Lifted, The Color Was Gone!

In The Sky On A (Was) Rainbow Cloud, The Color Angel Summoned The Hero To Save The Earth On Its Darkest Hour, The Hero Draw....

The Game Will Be A Platform Game Where The Hero Draw Has To Collect The Color Gems From The Color Worlds. The End Of The Level Will Have His Space Ship, The Last Boss Will Be A Top-Down Shooter Where Draw Uses The Color Gems And Becomes The Color God, Then He Has To Face To Colorless In Human Form.

The Game Is Designed As A Gameboy Game. During The Game He Picks Up The Color Gems (Which R Colored) At The End When He Has The Color Gems The Game Explodes With Color!

Screenshots Coming Soon!


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This should be in "Announce your game" and you need to use 50x less capitals than you do.


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"Announce Your Game" Is For Games That Are Done/Has A Demo That's Released, And I Type Like This Because I Like Too.


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Er... my guess is hybrid game?

I could make some custom music for your game (did the original have any music? My guess is no.) if you want.
Hi, all! I'm KungFuFurby, music composer. If you're looking for some music for your game, just PM me.
My Works List for Non-Stencyl Games
My Works List for Stencyl Games


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Yeah That Would Be Great! (And The Originals Did Have Music, I Have A Few On My 3DS :D)