Sound type 'music' playback problem.


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Today I tried to run my test game on the low end android device: 800MHz single core ARM CPU, 512 Mb RAM, Android version 2.3.6 phone.
In Game Settings/Mobile both Android Minimal and Target Version were set to API 9 - 2.3 Gingerbread. I also tried API 10 - 2.3 Gingerbread. The same result.
Everything went unexpectedly smooth accept sound playback. The test game plays only 1 audio file at a time. The file is 44100 Hz, 160 kbit, 2 Mb OGG imported as 'music type = MUSIC'.
The playback was muffled, not playing steady, stuttering, etc.. Generally speaking lots of audible problems.
When I changed the music type to SOUND EFFECT, loading the test game took significantly longer
([LOG] I/trace (20970): Sound.hx:54: Loading sound: 10 took some time), but the music playback was 100% correct.
I use Stencyl 3.1 - free version, yet.
I did not see this problem on faster android devices I used for tests.

Is there a way to correct the streaming problem in Stencyl? Something like a small buffer for sound (when music is streamed on slower devices) should help.
Or should I get ready to fill a bug report?


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It's a third party problem with OpenFL.  For now your only solution is to reduce the size of your sound file, by either reducing length or quality.


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Thx. Trying quality reduction now.