Need Help With my file Help ASAP


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Help i Cant open the file please respond ASAP i really need help i took an entire day coding this and its all for nothing please help link at , Download and respond with a new link with it fixed thanks


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if you cant open it, you should post your log.
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It looks like your game export went wrong, so we can't import it and see what is wrong.
My system archiver shows a message "Can not open file as archive
Errors: 1"

So it looks like the zip file can not be normally opened, because the zip file is messed up. Sorry.

The only thing I could do to help you, was to recover what was in there to recover, but because the file was corrupted some parts are lost.  Also as far as I know, the problem was with file 8.mp3.
I think you should save your game and not use export to save it for later. You should at least be checking if output zip was correct., if it was your only copy.

I attach what I could recover. Maybe you will need the graphics or audio file again.