Is it possible to make a game like Clash of Clans with stencyl?


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I am a big fan of combat strategy games, so is it possible to make my own game like that with stencyl or do I have to use another program?


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it is possible (even tho i'm not sure if you can play it over the internet. i havent played the game, but if you cant do anything from the defending side, t should be posible with allot of custom coding.), but it is a hell lot of work to tackle on your own.
currenclty i am in the making of a tutorial serie on how to create a Age of empire style RTS with stencyl. after that one is finished i would like to tackle another big challenge with stencyl.

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Hi MrHawk,
To make "game like that"!
I say everything is possible, you just need to be very very patient, talented and hard working. The question is are you willing to spend next couple of years to learn and to try to develop a "game like that"?
Seriously, games like Clash of Clans are a long months of hard work of a talented team of people. You also have to remember, that Stencyl is a 2D workframe, not a 3D.
I recommend you to follow the story of Ghost Song game on this forum first,30809.msg176195.html#msg176195
It shows how the process might look, how much effort and time it takes to create a game. It shows  especially if you follow authors posts on forum since early start;u=14242;area=showposts;start=495