Reducing Android Load times?


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So when  I test my game on Android, it takes aproxitmatley 2.5 MINUTES.
Why does it take so long?
How can I reduce it?
(also when I load it , it lags a bit at the beginning, maybe its just my phone)


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The compiling time is 2.5 min? Or the loading time on the device?
If compiling is 2.5 mins it is ok, normal time. But I recommend you just to test it in desktop browser(flash browser), no need to test on android device every time you change something.


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Usually I see compiling taks like 25-35 seconds, at least according to what log viewer spits out. Compiling for the first time, or after changing something in general game settings can take several minutes.
Loading to android phone or tablet can differ. From my experience with Stencyl, for example loading lots of sounds as Sound FX at the start of the program take significant time. I see black screen on android much longer. Loading not optimized PNG graphic also takes more time than optimized one.

The solution is to keep graphics optimized and always compressing sounds to the extent where quality change would be really noticeable. Do you always need stereo files or 44100 Hz samplerate, for example?


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Another solution: Use atlases. Load only what you need. I you try to load everything from the Main Atlas, it will take longer time.