Stencyl question


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Hey guys this is probably a dumb question but is there any reason my game runs fine on flash but can sometimes fail to start up on my android device?




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Sometime my Stencyl program does not start on android device and I get the message in the middle of the android screen 'unfortunately application blah blah... etc.'
Sometimes I have to try to start it and quit it like 20 time before it runs.
I noticed that it happens less and less and probably is gone when I correct my bugs and logic problems, simple 'the code' with less blocks and generally clean it up.
Erasing not used elements (graphics for example) and compressing the graphics to take less memory also helps.
Someone said, that it happens in debugging version of apps, but should not happen in the version ready to be published (after buying the license I guess).
So, I guess don't worry, audit your code for bugs and try to make it simpler and cleaner.